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Name: Sonnie
Date of birth: 28 July 1985
Nationality: Australian
Location: Victoria, Australia
Religion: LOVE

Blockchain enthusiast, social innovator and aspiring philanthropist. With emerging technologies we can develop much more secure, private and cost effective solutions to today’s problems – a tamper-proof decentralised internet protocol.

Periodically writing articles to help simplify the complexities of this ‘paradigm shift in computing‘ and the growing influences of AI. My areas of professional focus are in information technology, finance and trade, early compliance and fraud prevention. Philanthropically passionate about causes which protect the well being of children, provide universal access to education, promote social inclusion, and end poverty.

The motive of this website is to help bring joy and light to the reader and provide a compass for those who may feel they’ve lost direction during ‘dark times’ or difficult moments in life. It is to share both personal experiences, writings/recordings, book summaries, extracts, meditations and information from the archives of wonderfully inspiring literature. is a not-for-profit, self-funded project; it is a life’s work slowly being published and constantly updated for the good of humanity.


Ink, Quill and Parchment


‘A new message is in my prose, free-verses of a Techni-coloured age, one of smartphones and data abundant but knowledge scarce. My literature, like most of those past, contain flavours of my own pallet. Popular culture of today I’ve never been exposed to, nor do I have a taste for televised forms of entertainment. Inspiration and influences are of centuries past – a time of antiquity…
These lines come from experience and observation, written first in calligraphy; during the dawn of ‘Artificial Intelligence’, my heart longed for a volume compiled without auto-complete.

Philosophical and A-political.’


My Promise


That everything published on was written by my own hand – either with pen or keyboard (unless otherwise noted).

Random Publications

Audiobook Narration

James Allen – From Poverty to Power (1901)
Read by: Sonnie Abdalla

The works of James Allen is a guiding compass on how I conduct my life, character and mannerisms. I personally believe that this English author who lived from 1864 to 1912 reached the heights of spiritual emancipation and left a number of books to assist and renew the faith of those following the same righteous pathway.

James Allen’s first book is a refuge for those who seek to find a permanent escape from all human suffering. As the foreword suggests it was written for men and women, rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly.

His enlightened pen fills my heart with bliss and the pages of this book (in my humble opinion) contain the doctrine of true religion without dogmatic exclusion or exclusivity.

The Path to Prosperity

The Path to Prosperity - The World a Reflex of Mental States(Book by James Allen - Read by Sonnie Abdalla)

Listen to the whole audio book – The Path to Prosperity

The Way of Peace

The Power of Meditation - The Way of Peace(Book by James Allen - Read by Sonnie Abdalla)

Listen to the whole audio book – The Way of Peace

Ommune IT Solutions (Online Marketing)

Ommune IT Solutions Pty Ltd was my second IT company operating over 3 years out of Cairns and Brisbane, QLD. Managing and working with an online team of professionals my company delivered a range of marketing solutions for businesses and not-for-profits.

Ommune IT Solutions Pvt Ltd (Ommune India) is still successfully expanding.

Synergy Chess (Double Chess)

Synergy Chess is a form of double chess created by innovator Mr. Rob Olsson. Under a mutually beneficial partnership agreement, I invested into his idea, built website and marketed it through various SN channels.

Synergy Chess is available for purchase here, online version coming soon.


Sponsor Schooling Project – TEDx Talk (Child Sponsorship)

During my years at Macquarie University I was selected to put forward a presentation at an independent TED talk. This challenging platform was my first ever attempt at public speaking which further propelled me to improve my public speaking and oration skills.

Shortly after the talk a brief submission was put forward to the Red Cross; unfortunately the project was put on hold until further notice.
More on an old idea…

Contact me

Working on something interesting?

I’m always looking at connecting with like-minded professionals in the ever evolving, fast paced industry of decentralised computing. In particular, any projects which focus on the automation and improvement of outdated humanitarian processes (e.g. aid-distribution, monitoring and transparency).

Researching, raising venture capital and funding projects for the future – Web3

Kind Regards,
Sonnie Abdalla


Sonnie Abdalla






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