James Allen on Religion

James Allen on Religion (1901)

Cease to look upon your own religion as superior to all others, and strive humbly to learn the supreme lesson of charity.
No longer cling to the idea, so productive of strife and sorrow, that the Savior whom you worship is the only Savior, and that the Savior whom your brother worships with equal sincerity and ardor, is an impostor; but seek diligently the path of holiness, and then you will realize that every holy man is a savior of mankind.

Bhagavad Gita (Krishna excerpt) [with Audio]

Sir Edwin Arnold’s beautiful translation of Krishna’s speech from the Bhagavad Gita
Audio read by Sonnie Abdalla

The Song Celestial - Lord Krishna (Hinduism)(Rendered by Sir Edwin Arnold (1885) - Read by Sonnie Abdalla)


Fearlessness, singleness of soul, the will
Always to strive for wisdom; opened hand
And governed appetites; and piety,
And love of lonely study; humbleness,
Uprightness, heed to injure naught which lives
Truthfulness, slowness unto wrath, a mind
That lightly letteth go what others prize;
And equanimity, and charity
Which spieth no man’s faults; and tenderness
Towards all that suffer; a contented heart,
Fluttered by no desires; a bearing mild,
Modest and grave, with manhood nobly mixed,
With patience, fortitude and purity;
An unrevengeful spirit, never given
To rate itself too high—such be the signs,
O Indian Prince! of him whose feet are set
On that fair path which leads to heavenly birth!

Bhagavad Gita
Meditation on Truth

Meditation on Truth [Audio]


This is not a guided meditation, it is to assist practitioners in the commencement or closing of their silence. Most of the contents have been extracted from chapter two of James Allen’s final publication, The Divine Companion.

Running for 1hr, the voice is audible for 10mins then subliminal for the remaining 50min.


Meditation on Truth(

The Way of Peace (Audiobook)
Download Meditation on Truth Audio here


I am awake, I have opened my eyes and I see all things through the spirit of Truth.

I know I am awake because I see Good, I am the spirit of Good, and my lusts have departed from me.

I am wedded to Purity, I have put on the uniform of Righteousness and I serve the Spirit of Love.

Walking in the Light, I am Free and Happy and see all things clearly in that Light. I know the way I walk as my pathway is illuminated by Truth. Awakened in Truth I am the lover of all.

I have found the Good in all, and see Holiness as a reality with my awakened eyes. My eternal stability and refuge is in the knowledge of Truth and the practice of Truth.

I have put away the illusionary nature of all self-seeking desire.

I am happy, sane and peaceful, seeing all things as they are, in their right relations and true proportions.

I know that the eternal justice prevails, I am restful at heart and my mind abides in the Great Calm.

Awakened into the Light of day I am no more burdened with the troubles of my dreams, knowing that they are dispelled illusions.

I am established in Wisdom, knowing myself, I know others and I judge with knowledge.

I am the understander, the knower of hearts. And walking in the Light of Truth I know that every dreamer will at last awake into the Light.

Wise and blessed, Truth is manifested through my actions. I have right comprehension and interpret the divine precepts through the light of my own spotless deeds.

I am free from sin and abide in good deeds, living in peace with all.

Truth has provided me with a peaceful refuge and a quiet resting place. It has lightened up my pathway with the radiance of Joy.

I am lifted up, I am rested, I am healed, I am befriended and comforted.

I am honest and sincere, I love all and rejoice in their successes. Pure and generous, seeking the good of others in all that I do.

The Truth has been revealed to me.

I have found a quiet trust and a patient happiness, I have resorted to the Faithful One, the ever-present Comforter, the Spirit of Holiness, and taken shelter in this high Abode.

In the spirit of Good, in the knowledge of Good and in the doing of Good I abide.

Having found refuge in Truth, I am strengthened and comforted.

Truth has purified my heart and bestowed upon me the glorious gift of Divine Love. A Love that abides forever.

Looking upon the weary multitudes, a deep compassion is stirred within me.

I am redeemed, I have given up self and all the sufferings of selfishness. Avoiding evil and choosing Good, without considerations of pleasure and pain, I have entered into bliss eternal.

Truth has filled my heart and impartial Love blossoms out into my life.

My deeds are just, my actions are pure, my works are untainted with self, my mind is controlled and calm. My home is peace.

I am humbly silent in the midst of noice, I am protected and made perfect by Truth. I lift up and bless those who attempt to harm me.

Remaining calm and just, I do only that which is right. All passion being purged from my actions.

Darkness has been dispelled, I have overcome all that causes sorrow, the Cosmic Glory has been unveiled and my mind is conscious of the Eternal.

Having knowledge of the Imperishable I’m rested in the possession of Righteousness. Living in happiness and Joy, I am satisfied in this place of safety, in the security of peace.

Living in the glory of the universal, the impersonal, I am surrounded with Light and Strength is my companion.

Truth is harmonising, it has brought me back to harmony and serenity.

I see the Supreme Good, I have knowledge of the Good Law and know the hidden justice behind all events. Seeing Justice, Order and Harmony in life, I am calm and filled with peace.

I know that all circumstances are just, all things are proportionate and all events are ruled by causation. The Divine Law is One and all things are contained in cause and effect.

All are my own, my beloved; the inward enemy being overcome, all outward foes have vanish away.

The Door of Truth has opened and all things are now. All Light, Law and Truth is now.

Time and eternity are one.
Matter and Spirit are one
Death and Life are one.

Seeing all sides, I see the whole, and seeing the whole I am satisfied.

Love supports all.
Love sustains all.
Love nourishes all.

My Good deeds remain with me, they save and protect me, and I am shielded from all harm.

My righteousness avails, and in Truth there is a happy retreat and an eternal protection. I am happy. Relieved from all anxiety I walk in perfect freedom.

With perfect understanding my mind rejoices in Good against all appearances.

My purity of heart protects me from within and I am guarded by Good being upheld by the Good Law.

Truth is eternal and indestructible, in Truth is my salvation, my protection. Being one with Truth, I have come to peace eternal.

I am steadfast, fearless, serene and always true. Permanent in purity and peace, I am established in gentleness and strength.

Truth is permanent and its protection abides through all changes, it is a friend that does not disappoint. Truth is its own security and protection.

Truth is supreme.
Truth is invincible.
Truth is triumphant for ever and ever.