Thought Vibration - Teachings Abridged


Chapter 1 – The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

  • The universe is governed by one great law, the law of attraction in the thought world.
  • When we think we send out vibrations of energy just as real as those of light, heat, sound and electricity.
  • Our thought vibrations have a magnetic power which attract to us things, people, circumstances and the phenomenon of ‘luck’.

“And so it goes, each gets what he calls for over the wireless telegraphy of the mind”


Chapter 2 – Thought Waves and their Process of Reproduction

  • Strong thought vibrations cast out from the individual have a tendency to awaken and amplify similar vibrations in other minds.
  • We are only receptive to thought vibrations which are in a similar resonance as our own.
  • By the effort of the will, we all possess the power to raise our resonance.
  • Positive thought vibrations are infinitely more powerful than negative ones; therefore, when we lift our thoughts we are not only immune to negativity around us – we come in contact with the strong positive vibrations of our own plane of development.
  • Developing the will is like building a muscle, it’s a matter of practice and gradual improvement. At first it can prove tiresome but through each trial we become stronger.


Chapter 3 – A Talk about the Mind

  • There are two different lines of mental effort by which the mind functions – the Active and the Passive.
    Active functions are the fresh intentional efforts which pave the way for creation.
    Passive efforts continue along previously drawn lines set earlier by the same mind and/or the minds of others by suggestion.
  • All thought and motion impulses vibrate along passive lines until they are corrected by impulses imparted by the Active function.
  • The Passive mental process is much easier to follow and is responsible for habits.
  • The ABSOLUTE is drawing man-kind upward and we have reached a time in evolution where they who understand and work with the Law can accomplish anything through the development of the mind.


Chapter 4 – Mind Building

  • Every hour of our lives we are mind-building, either consciously or unconsciously.
  • When one conquers themselves they are no longer subject to the influences and suggestions of others, they have become masters in close touch with the UNIVERSAL WILL.
  • We should find no fault in those swayed by their lower selves as they are at a lower stage of evolution and will grow in time.
  • Mastery over any emotion, passion, appetite or class of thought is achieved by assertion of the will.


Chapter 5 – The Secret of the Will

  • The will can be developed and strengthened through intelligent practice.
  • The trouble with most people is we don’t want the thing desired enough to make us exert our will power.
  • A strong will follows a strong aspiration (or desire).
  • We all have a great storehouse of will but most of us are too lazy to use it.


Chapter 6 – How to become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction

  • The first step is to cut out fear and worry, as expectancy is a magnet; those who fear expect and attract that which they fear.
  • To overcome fear we must assert the positive by holding to courage.
  • Let your prevailing thought pattern be ‘I can’ and ‘I will’.


Chapter 7 – The Transmutation of Negative Thought

  • Desire (or aspiration) and interest are the causes that result in success.
  • When fear and worry are transmuted into confidence and hope, then you will begin to think things of interest. Thoughts arise from the reserve stock of your mind and you begin to manifest them into action.
  • Once this is achieved then the individual draws unto themselves (through vibrational thought waves) others who are likely to aid them. This is the mighty Law of Attraction.
  • One must pay the price of attainment by throwing overboard the lesser desires which may stand in the way. e.g. Comforts, eases, self-indulgences and amusements.
  • It’s foolish to be concerned about possible troubles sometime in the future as we can not determine the details of obstacles to come.
  • The future holds for us not only difficulties but the agents and faculties to overcome these difficulties.
  • Don’t fight against worries, learn to focus the concentration on a bright thing and all else will fade away.


Chapter 8 – The Law of Mental Control

  • Our thoughts are what we allow them to be – they are either faithful servants or tyrannical masters.
  • When some mental work is to be done we should concentrate our minds on it to the exclusion of all else.
  • When the work of the day is completed it’s important for us to stop investing energy into it and bank our energies for the following day. We accomplish this ’shutting-off’ by putting our attention on something entirely different and holding it there.


Chapter 9 – Asserting the Life Force

  • Take a sincere interest in what you’re thinking, saying and doing. Put life into your work.
  • Most of us need to start living rather than merely existing.


Chapter 10 – Training the Habit-Mind

  • We must pass on the proper impulses, the right material to the subconscious mind in order to form right habits.
  • Be on guard against making the ‘Just this one’ exception for new resolutions, it’s this exception which kills off more resolutions than any other cause.
  • Every time a temptation is resisted your resolution is strengthened.


Chapter 11 – The Psychology of Emotion

  • Feelings and emotions become habitual as well, much like thought patterns they deepen by repetition.
  • There are two ways by which you can overcome negative emotion habits.
    – Firstly, when it arises in you, identify it and tell it to leave.
    – Secondly, act out in opposite of the emotion. Smooth the brow, smile, brighten the eye, lift the tone and correct the posture.


Chapter 12 – Developing New Brain Cells

  • Better than driving out undesirable feelings is to cultivate the opposite feeling.
  • We are not slaves to our emotions and we may make ourselves over and change our entire nature. At our own will we can acquire, cultivate, change and/or discard our mental attitudes.
  • Our minds recognises what is good for us and clears the path for these thoughts by interposing the least resistance to them.
  • One positive thought will counteract a number of negative thoughts.
  • Not only must we hold onto the positive thought, we must also ‘act-out’ the thought until it becomes a fixed habit.
  • If you wish to cultivate a certain habit of action, begin by cultivating the corresponding mental attitude. Cultivate the thought, ‘I like doing…’ and cheerfully at it out.


Chapter 13 – The Attractive Power – Desire Force

  • We must get ourselves ‘in love’ with that which we want to obtain, almost to the exclusion of everything else.
  • Your best and most earnest thought must be invested into the desired thing and scattered mind forces must be tamed and concentrated.
  • The subconscious mind almost always works along the lines of a ruling passion or desire. It will fix up and path together plans and schemes and feed it to the consciousness when it’s most needed.
  • Only intense love will enable you to surmount the many obstacles and bear the burdens of the tasks you have before you.
  • Love one thing at a time, see it as already accomplished and don’t lose interest.


Chapter 14 – The Great Dynamic Forces

“The longer I live the more certain I am that the great difference between men, the feeble and the powerful, the great and the insignificant, is Energy and Determination” – Richard Burton

  • Energy and Invincible Determination must be exercised together in order to achieve any worldly success.
  • One must believe in themselves and their inherent power and faculty to concentrate on the work at hand. This must be coupled with their ability to prevent leaks of power when not working.
  • Don’t undervalue yourself or others, understand that you are made of the same material of those successful ones you admire.
  • Save your best energy for the job at hand and don’t cheat it in favour of some future job.
  • Don’t be in a hurry for applause, use your energy for the job and not for the entertainment of the crowds.


Chapter 15 – Claiming your Own

  • No matter how great the thing may be, or how undeserving you may feel – nothing is too good for you!

    “None but the brave deserve the fair”

  • The more earnest you are in demanding it, confident you are of receiving it, and the more will you use in reaching out for it – the surer you will be in obtaining it.
  • All things are for your enjoyment and entertainment but don’t allow yourself to be unduly attached to them, as they will pass and give way to new things.


Chapter 16 – Law, not Chance.

  • In the Law of Attraction, strong belief is as effective as a strong wish.
  • Law maintains everywhere and there is no such thing as chance. There is plan and purpose; cause and effect.
  • Whether you believe or oppose the Law; whether you’re ignorant or learned – Law everywhere obtains and nobody can get outside it.
  • Your thoughts are real things, the mind attracting only things and other thoughts in harmony with its own vibration. Like attracts like and opposites repel opposites.