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The Chia Project – Blockchain Resourses

Chia Network – Blockchain Resources   Updated: 28th July, 2022   Chia Project’s Website The offical website of the Chia Network blockchain – regularly updated news, releases of software and documentation.   Important Documentation The latest Whitepaper, which reads more like a business plan. The ‘Greenpaper’ (the yellowpaper on Chia’s Cryptographic architecture). And the full…

Understanding Trustless Systems -

Understanding ‘Trust-less’ Systems

  Understanding ‘Trust-less’ Systems Updated: 09 August, 2021 Note: Written for the average individual.   Intention: To help the average individual (normal 9-to-5 people) gain a better understanding of what’s changing in finance and technology (Fintech). An attempt to simplify the complexities of blockchain technology by using plain English and drawing on real world examples.  …

Details - Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading Updated: 13 July, 2021 Note: Written for Professional Traders (hence the aggressive undertone).   I should have? If only I had? Second only to learning the skills required in analysing price data and trading financial assets, these are undoubtably the hardest things to get your head around: Second guessing yourself Greed…