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The Chia Project – Blockchain Resourses

The Chia Project – Blockchain Resources Updated: 25th August, 2021   Chia Project’s Website The offical website of the Chia Network blockchain. With regularly updated releases of the Node software and documentation.   Important Documentation The latest Whitepaper, which reads more like a business plan. The ‘Greenpaper’ (the yellowpaper on the Cryptographic architecture). Also, for…

Understanding Trustless Systems -

Understanding ‘Trust-less’ Systems

  Understanding ‘Trust-less’ Systems Updated: 09 August, 2021 Note: Written for the average individual.   Intention: To help the average individual (normal 9-to-5 people) gain a better understanding of what’s changing in finance and technology (Fintech). An attempt to simplify the complexities of blockchain technology by using plain English and drawing on real world examples.  …

Details - Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading Updated: 13 July, 2021 Note: Written for Professional Traders (hence the aggressive undertone).   I should have? If only I had? Second only to learning the skills required in analysing price data and trading financial assets, these are undoubtably the hardest things to get your head around: Second guessing yourself Greed…