Love James Allen’s ‘The Way of Peace’ (1901) – Extract Audio read by Sonnie Abdalla Divine Love and Human loves(James Allen – Sonnie.org) https://sonnie.org/media/DivineLoveHumanLoves.mp3 Divine Love is distinguished from human loves in this supremely important particular, it is free from partiality. Human loves cling to a particular object to the exclusion of all else, and…

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Meditations James Allen on Religion (1901) Cease to look upon your own religion as superior to all others, and strive humbly to learn the supreme lesson of charity. No longer cling to the idea, so productive of strife and sorrow, that the Savior whom you worship is the only Savior, and that the Savior whom…

Win Friends Influence People - Teachings Abridged

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Teachings abridged)

Part One – Fundamental Techniques in Handling People   Principle 1 – Don’t criticise, condemn or complain Never criticise or blame anyone for anything. People dread condemnation as much as they thirst for approval. People are creatures of emotion not logic. They’re bristling with prejudices and motivated by vanity and pride. Rather than condemning, try to…