Win Friends Influence People - Teachings Abridged

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie (Teachings abridged)

Part One – Fundamental Techniques in Handling People   Principle 1 – Don’t criticise, condemn or complain Never criticise or blame anyone for anything. People dread condemnation as much as they thirst for approval. People are creatures of emotion not logic. They’re bristling with prejudices and motivated by vanity and pride. Rather than condemning, try to…

Questions (A Poem 2011)

Questions (a short poem 2011)

Questions unanswered, remain mysteries in the minds of mankind Diaries of lives, left behind, found in libraries of former times Testimony of history’s holy, none present, all lost in time’s ceaseless rolling Symbols of star, cross and crescent; creeds carrying cultural meaning Be they Sunday sipping red wine and feasting on bread divine or knelling…

The Morning Light

The Morning (a short poem 2011)

A bouquet of ballads brace dawns becoming Quill bearing creatures quell the dull night’s quietude Fauna flurry harmoniously with earth’s flourishing flora Confusion, comprehension of illusion, coalesce slumbers conclusion Illusive images disregarded, dreamers dreary delusions dismissed Dare resist the dominant desire for drowsy indulgence Excessive ease in early hours, an erroneous endeavor Energy, an essential…